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Anne Stokes Collection

The fantasy art of Anne Stokes features striking designs and life like portrayals of fantasy subjects. Her art covers a broad range of subjects, from the romantic and magical enchanted Forest, to the dark underworld of gothic vampires. Classic subjects are reinvented with a strong design and impact, and new creatures are brought to life in a unique and eye catching manner.

On her web site when asked where her idea's come from here is her reply:

Sometimes I see a tree, or window in a church, or something when out walking my dog, or the way the light falls on an object and this gives me an idea. I like to carry my small pocket digital camera around with me as it is great for snapping reference photos. Also I always have scrap of paper to hand for sketching ideas down on. For example below left is an unusual tree I saw while out walking my dog in woodland. The branches crossed over and looked to me like part of a star shape. From this I got the idea of doing my forest pentagram dragon, where the branches form a magical star shape that has attracted the attention of a small forest dwelling dragon. Maybe my brain works in an unusual way but when I looked at this tree I just saw the picture!

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