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Mermaid Metamorphosis Figurine by artist Sheila Wolk - Baby Feathers

Mermaid Metamorphosis Figurine by artist Sheila Wolk

$ 71.99

Half fish and half human, the mystical mermaid possesses the most beautiful qualities of each species. This Mermaid Metamorphosis figurine pictures a supernatural siren becoming the water-dwelling creature that she was meant to be. Crafted from cold cast resin, this statue is painted by hand with lovely aquatic tones. The mermaid stands on a crashing blue wave, her fluted tail a gorgeous combination of purple hues. Her chestnut hair covers her torso and floats around her, giving the illusion that she is floating in the ocean. The ends of her hair transform into cute little fish and shows that the spirit of the sea dwells within her. Showcase the moment that the sea becomes her home with the Mermaid Metamorphosis.

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