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Ghost Candle - Ghost Repel: Candles Limited Edition - Baby Feathers Gift Shop

Ghost Candle - Ghost Repel: Candles Limited Edition

$ 11.50
Ghost Repel' is a ghostly white candle scented with a blend essential oils including cyprus. Use to send away stray spirits interrupting your life. Help them to heal and find divine peace and love.
This candle measures 4 inches tall by 2 inches in diameter and has a 40 hour burn time. Ghost Repel is made by Coventry Creations all of their candles are hand poured only when the moon is right!

At Coventry, this is not a gimmick but a part of the recipe which is why we carry their products. Coventry watches the lunar progression through the celestial bodies of the zodiac and schedule their candle production accordingly. The moon influences our planet so intimately it can affect the outcome of our day-to-day lives.  Coventry harnesses that energy and uses it for good in all their products. This is what at Baby Feathers we feel sets the Coventry Product line far above others on the market for our customers.
Coventry follows the phases of the moon, too.  The moon wanes, waxes, hides, and shows us her full glory.  Each phase sends a message that it’s time to grow, rest, dream, or act.  The moon’s phases help you know when it’s the best time to plan or actively create. The Coventry candles do the same thing this is the reason why we will only offered Blessed Items from CC.

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