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Chelsea Organic Hemp Diffuser Wrap Bracelet Aroma Couture

$ 23.00

A 100% organic, handmade & completely vegan diffuser bracelet! Diffuse responsibly, with the same style as leather, without the animal cruelty. Enjoy the benefits of therapeutic essential oils topically as well as aromatically. Hemp, like bamboo is considered a sustainable crop. It requires no pesticides and needs little water, yet it renews the soil with each growth cycle. It’s long roots prevent erosion and help retain topsoil. Unlike cotton, many parts of the hemp plant have a use: hemp seeds, for example, are processed into oil or food. Aroma Couture DOES NOT USE COLORED HEMP for essential oils.

Be sure to use essential oils that are skin-safe and
dilute appropriately before applying any essential oil directly to the skin.


  • Type: Hemp Bracelet
  • Length: 22" will wrap around wrist three times.
  • Other Features: Coconut Shell Bead Closure and Loop


  1. Drop or roll on 1-2 drops of your favorite essential oil directly onto the inside of the hemp.
  2. Wrap bracelet around wrist.
  3. Depending upon the oil you use, the oil will diffuse for 1-2 days.
  4. Once the aroma diminishes completely, you may add the same oil, or a different oil

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